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"Reconcile with your past, set yourself goals for the future and live now, because here lies all the power!"
- Christina von Dreien -


This is exactly what you can achieve with a truffle ceremony. Processing the past (traumas, loss, grief, etc.), gaining insights and goals, solving addictions and live more in the current state of mind.
In our practice and ceremony locations we receive people with various issues, challenges, intentions and wishes. They all want to live a different life and/or experience their soul purpose; free from trauma and full of love. We work with our participants on a daily basis with the three main emotions anger, fear and sadness.
Let us take you on a trip!

Greetings from Angelique (left in the photo), Daniëlle & Bart-Willem.

Participants give us an average of 9.3

Psychedelic truffles are good for you!

Here you see a schematic impression of a brain with and without psilocybin; the active ingredient in psychedelic truffles. Various studies have shown that psilocybin creates new connections in the brain. On the left you see the connections in a brain without psilocybin, on the right with psilocybin. Greater connections, new connections, replacement connections created by the psilocybin. This is called neurogenesis. It seems that psilocybin makes the brain function more effectively, efficiently and better. Click on the illustration to enlarge.

Restore the connection with yourself

A truffle ceremony is magical! A truffle ceremony connects people with themselves and strengthens the connection with the soul. By restoring the connection with yourself, you are also able to connect better with those who are dear to you. Truffles do not fall under the Dutch Opium Act and are 100% legal in the Netherlands.
The more the participant feels at ease during the ceremony and with the counselor or therapist, the more successful the inner journey and the more successful the treatment will be.

We organize individual truffle ceremonies, give psychedelic therapies, we organize multi-day retreats and truffle ceremonies for groups of maximum 9 people.
Unique is our specially written Program for Transformation for processing trauma, transforming and solving addictions and personal and spiritual development. But also processing relationships, breaking (family) patterns, trusting more on your feeling and intuition, coaching towards a better life, achieving better health, self-acceptance and self-love and many more goals can be achieved during these programs.

Enthusiastic about truffle ceremonies

Timothy Francis Leary was an American psychologist and patriarch of psychedelics. He claimed that he learned more about the human brain in a four-hour psychedelic trip than in his entire career. Psychedelics bring a transformation in the mind, body and soul so trauma, illness, depression, burnout and addictions can be solved.

We are very enthusiastic about the healing powers that the truffles offer and the results that our participants have achieved with them. With the help of the truffles we can go back to our real nature; our core where our soul has found shelter.

This allows us to connect with our heart and soul to never want to lose this connection again.

After many Ayahuasca journeys, which had already profoundly changed our lives, the powerful truffles came our way. We want to help people through a truffle ceremony and integrate the insights gained during the ceremony. Integration is the most important part of a ceremony and we offer extensive guidance.


"Research has shown that unresolved trauma can  have an impact on the immune system". Resolve your trauma now!

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Unique in the Netherlands; travelogue of your trip organizes individual truffle ceremonies, ceremonies for duos and couples, and ceremonies and retreats for groups of maximum 9 participants. As you can see above, the rooms are also different for these settings. During the individual ceremonies we make a travel report of your inner journey. This makes us unique in the Netherlands. During the ceremony we plug-in with your journey and we offer support where necessary. We do not get out of our chair and do not interrupt our meditation. You will not be bothered by us either, we are only there when you need us. We are unable to influence or navigate your trip. The travel report will help you to return to the special moments of the inner journey in the days and weeks after the truffle-ceremony.

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Why we work with truffles?

For over 5000 years, various natural plant medicines have been used by shamans all over the world. From truffles (sclerotia), frog poison (Kambo) and magic mushrooms to Ayahuasca, Peyote and San Pedro. The shamanistic traditions that the peoples of South America and the Amazon and far beyond have managed to preserve to this day.

These traditions serve to promote the health of individuals and that of society. These natural medicines heal people, expand our consciousness and confront us with things we have hidden inside us. This concerns traumas and unprocessed experiences, as well as mystical experiences and knowledge that are stored in a part of us that we normally cannot access easily. The truffles allow us to learn to live from unconditional love and in the NOW. All this under the loving guidance of these natural medicines.

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Integration of the ceremony

We have developed special programs to integrate the insights you have received during and after the ceremony. In this Program for Transformation we will work effectively with your issues, intentions, challenges and the insights you have received during the truffle ceremony.
We advise you to really confront yourself in order to get the best insights. Think of yourself as an onion with a brown outside and all white skins inside. We're going to help you peel those skins off until we get to the core, which is what it's all about.
Take this opportunity to discover the invisible and unconscious world during this fascinating process and to apply it in everyday life. This under our professional guidance. Our certified (regression) therapists will go through all issues with you.

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